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Louis Jordan
Let The Good Times Roll

Louis Jordan - Let The Good Times RollI don't think there's any blues artist to whom I enjoy listening as much as Louis Jordan. No matter how many of his CDs I have in my collection, I'm always happy to add one more.

Let The Good Times Roll is a two-CD set covering Jordan's best years on Decca Records, from 1938 until 1953. Of course the big hits are here, all of the songs we Louis Jordan fans have loved for many, many years: "What's The Use Of Getting Sober," "Five Guys Named Moe," "Caldonia," "Choo Choo Ch' Boogie," "Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens," "Let The Good Times Roll," "Open The Door, Richard," "Saturday Night Fish Fry," and many more. These titles alone constitute some of the best music ever recorded.

But you'll really treasure Let The Good Times Roll for some of the more obscure gems. I thought I owned just about everything Jordan ever recorded, but I was surprised to hear a fantastic number featuring a 1950 duet with Louis Armstrong on "Life Is So Peculiar." Another great number, from 1951, is "Louisville Lodge Meeting."

Other highlights include the wonderful 1941 recording of "Boogie Woogie Came To Town" and the 1949 novelty tune "Beans And Cornbread." The latter has Jordan as the ringside commentator on a boxing match between a bowl of beans and a piece of cornbread. I know, it sounds strange, but it works.

There are quite a few collections of Louis Jordan's music from this period on the market today, but I believe that this one is the best and most extensive of his entire Decca period. Absolutely essential!

--- Bill Mitchell

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