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February 2004

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Pick Hit

Jimmy Thackery and Tab Benoit
Whiskey Store Live


Jimmy Thackery and Tab BenoitNothing like discovering another like soul on your label that typifies what brought you to music in the first place.

Such is the case with Telarcıs latest release, Whiskey Store Live, featuring two of todayıs hottest guitar slingers, Jimmy Thackery and Tab Benoit. I can only imagine that these two meet up along the way while bringing blues to the masses, but hammered out a deal with Telarc when it was found out about their respective labels. The pairing produced a fantastic release in 2002 that just happens to be called Whiskey Store; hence, the live title.

These guys are class guitarists and always work with the finest rhythm players, Whiskey Store Live no exception. From Benoitıs band, providing excellent back up is drummer Darryl White and bassist Carl Dufrene. Rounding out the mix from Thackeryıs band we have saxophonist Jimmy Carpenter, organist Ken Faltinson and drummer Mark Stutso. All musicians blend beautifully giving the impression that theyıve been together forever.

Things start of rollicking with the 1950s-inspired "Freddyıs Combo," pulsating along with fine sax work of Carpenter. As the leadoff track illustrates, Benoit and Thackery play as a duo trading off licks on every tune. This really works because of the unique style of playing each brings to the guitar.

Benoit is a great songwriter as well and contributes two songs to this collection, including the fast-paced tunes "Bone Pickin'" and "Bayou Boogie." My favorite has got to be the cover of that classic Otis Redding song, "These Arms of Mine." Upon first listening you might very easily think the original somehow made its way onto the disk, but you soon realize that Benoit just nails the vocals. The majority of this version allows the players to strut their individual stuff.

This is a great CD and as always lately it seems Iım extremely impressed with the sound quality considering this is a live recording. Look for this release late in the month.

--- Bruce Coen

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