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May 2005

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Little Milton
Think of Me

Telarc Blues

Little MiltonLaunching his debut recording on the blues arm of Telarc Records, “Little Milton” Campbell clearly and without debate delivers the wonderfully mixed sound of “soul blues” that he’s been known for throughout his illustrious career, starting with his recordings with the legendary Sam Phillips and Sun Records in the ’50s.

Born in Inverness, Mississippi in the early ’30s, Little Milton was introduced to the Delta blue sounds coming from the juke joints and front porches at a very early age. By age 14, with his first guitar by his side, Little Milton was discovered by famed pianist Willie Love, who immediately asked him to join his band, the Three Acres. Before you know it Little Milton is honing his writing and playing skills in the same studio where Elvis, Jerry Lee and Johnny Cash hung out.

50 years later Little Milton is still going gangbusters, delivering some precious gems along the way like “Grits Ain’t Groceries" and his blues masterpiece, “The Blues is All Right.”

On Think of Me Little Milton serves up some great licks, surrounding himself with the formidable talents of Jon Tiven and Peter Shoulder sharing guitar chores along with Milton, Bruce Katz laying down that soulful organ sound that is the backbone of the “soul blues,” another Tiven in Sally Tiven on bass, and not one but three capable skinsters, including Charles Burke, Billy Block and Per Hanson. Ellis Hooks and Scat Springs deliver background vocals that nicely compliment Little Milton’s soaring soulful voice.

Starting off with the power of “Gonna Find Me Somebody to Love,” it’s no mistake that Little Milton is fired up to give you his best.

You want lowdown blues laden with a groove --- just tap into “The Blues is My Companion” and immerse yourself.

Like your blues upbeat with soul --- tune into “Gone with the Wind.”

“Reconsider Me” harkens back to that wonderful sound in the early ’70s when Little Milton was on top of the world musically.

One listen to Think of Me and you’ll agree that Little Milton has never laid down and let the passionless pop of this current generation prevent him from putting out tunes that are wracked with passion.

Let’s hope that Little Milton can continue to fill this needed hole in our musical lives.

--- Bruce Coen


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