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January 1999

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The biggest surprise of 1998 was the number of excellent releases out on small independent labels. The three record companies who I believe have made the biggest impact over the past year are Severn Records, Cannonball Records, and Fedora Records.

Pete SpecialMy favorite Surprise release of the year was the quirky blues disc from former Mellow Fellows guitarist Pete Special. Mozart Street (Nation Records) reminded me of a bluesier Tom Waits type of thing. (original review)

The best CDs released by Maryland-based Severn Records, from Darrell Nulisch and Big Joe and the Dynaflows, both made my top ten list.

Fedora Records hit us with a trifecta of great downhome Texas blues releases late in year from Hosea Hargrove, Matthew Robinson, and Willie Willis. (original reviews)

Finally, my favorite self-released disc of the year came from South Texas guitarist Chris Holzhaus, Welcome To Bluzhill, Texas (Bluzhill Worldwide). (original review)

I'm looking forward to an even better 1999. Thanks for your support of Blues Bytes.

- Bill Mitchell

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