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May 2002

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Artie "Blues Boy" White
Can't Get Enough
A Chilltown Recording

Artie "Blues Boy" WhiteI have awaited the release of Can't Get Enough (A Chilltown Recording) ever since I knew Artie "Blues Boy" White was leaving Waldoxy and starting his own label. It was worth the wait. The quality of this new venture immediately places it at the top of my best releases for 2002.

From the start you appreciate the real musicians and great sound engineered by Paul Serrano. It has none of the programmed sound that was so prevalent at Malaco/Waldoxy. The horn arrangements are by the veteran arranger Willie Henderson and really lift this release to a level that had not been achieved on White's last few releases.

The set opens with a Mosley and Johnson tune, "Can't Get Enough," and the great horns jump right out at you. The bluesy "Not The Same Person" is dedicated to Johnnie Taylor, with fine guitar by Greg Miller. "Love You Don't Know About" is another horn-driven tune and a White original. "My Best Friend" tells the tale of Artie's best friend having taken his wife and his woman, and now he's after Artie's girlfriend and Artie just won't have that.

There are several great cover tunes here as White covers the double-entendre O.V. Wright song "Monkey Dog," a hilarious romp that will get you up dancing. It is followed by a fine version of Denise LaSalle's "Trapped By a Thing Called Love," just called "Trap" here. A fine version of the Joe Simon chestnut, "My Adorable One," is sandwiched between another fine Mosley and Johnson song "I've Been Down So Long," with a fine lead guitar by Chico Banks, and ends with another original, "I'll Make It Better." The great horns and female backup singers leave you wishing there were more than 10 cuts.

In summation, this is a great release and one that I hope will show that the dedication to fine songwriting, production and real musicians can achieve a level of quality most new releases cannot hope to. Visit Artie's site at and buy a copy of this release. A project of this quality should be rewarded with critical acclaim and high sales.

--- Alan Shutro

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