2000 CIBL Free Agent Draft

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Round 1

Team Player
Carefree Simians (from Taters) Rick Ankiel
Spokane Anarchists Freddy Garcia (P)
Houston Heatwave Ben Petrick
Ore-Ida Taters (from Simians) Warren Morris
Texas Tornadoes Tim Hudson
Seattle Maroons Kris Benson
Tempe Scorpions (from Skeeters) Luis Castillo
Antioch Zephyrs (from HiSox and Mets) Scott Williamson
Ft. Worth Cats Todd Ritchie
Ahwatukee DiamondSox Octavio Dotel
Upstate Yanks Chris Singleton
Carolina Flounder Ryan Dempster
Boston Pinnipeds Ryan Rupe
Eclectic Synthesis Ruben Mateo
Key West Fighting Iguanas Randy Wolf
Cincinnati Vipers Jeff Zimmerman
Tempe Scorpions (then traded to Simians) Erubiel Durazo
Houma Drillers Billy Koch
Brooklyn Beasts Ron Villone
Antioch Zephyrs A.J. Burnett
Young Hegelians Paul Abbott
Fort Lauderdale Cubs Jeff Weaver
Chicago Crows Chad Hermansen
Spokane Anarchists (from Mets) Joe Nathan

Round 2

Team Player
Ore-Ida Taters Carlos Lee
Spokane Anarchists Matt Riley
Houston Heatwave Joe McEwing
Carefree Simians (traded to Scorpions) Kevin McGlinchy
Carefree Simians (from Tornadoes) Eric Gagne
Seattle Maroons Steve Karsay
Tempe Scorpions (from Skeeters) Kip Wells
Carefree Simians (from HiSox) Vernon Wells
Ft. Worth Cats Gil Meche
Ahwatukee DiamondSox Ramon Ortiz
Upstate Yanks Karim Garcia
Carolina Flounder Ed Yarnall
Boston Pinnipeds Benny Agbayani
Eclectic Synthesis Alfonso Soriano
Key West Fighting Iguanas Joe Mays
Cincinnati Vipers Al Martin
Tempe Scorpions Mike Venafro
Texas Tornadoes (from Drillers) Scott Sauerbeck
Brooklyn Beasts Eric Owens
Antioch Zephyrs Ramon Hernandez
Young Hegelians Chris Holt
Ahwatukee DiamondSox (from Cubs) Tony Armas
Chicago Crows Lance Berkman
Antioch Zephyrs (from Mets and Anarchists) D'Angelo Jimenez

Round 3

Team Player
Manhattan Mets (from Taters) Jay Witasick
Spokane Anarchists Onan Masaoka
Houston Heatwave Byung-Hyun Kim
Carefree Simians Travis Dawkins
Texas Tornadoes Brian Boehringer
Tempe Scorpions (from Maroons) Rheal Cormier
Jersey City Skeeters Henry Blanco
Carefree Simians (from HiSox) Mark Quinn
Texas Tornadoes (from Heatwave and HiSox) Jacque Jones
Ahwatukee DiamondSox Steve Lomasney
Upstate Yanks Terry Shumpert
Carolina Flounder Kyle Farnsworth
Spokane Anarchists (from Pinnipeds) Jeremy Powell
Eclectic Synthesis Bruce Aven
Key West Fighting Iguanas Garrett Stephenson
Cincinnati Vipers Brian Daubach
Ahwatukee DiamondSox (from Scorpions) Jose Cabrera
Houma Drillers Bobby Chouinard
Brooklyn Beasts Wilton Veras
Antioch Zephyrs Doug Johns
Young Hegelians Bob Wells
Houston Heatwave (from Cubs) Steve Montgomery
Chicago Crows Kyle Peterson
Texas Tornadoes (from Mets) Ben Molina

Round 4

Team Player
Ore-Ida Taters Blake Stein
Antioch Zephyrs (from Anarchists) Peter Bergeron
Houston Heatwave Chad Allen
Carefree Simians Francisco Cordero
Texas Tornadoes Jason Isringhausen
Seattle Maroons Bobby Ayala
Jersey City Skeeters Willie Blair
Mile HiSox Pat Mahomes
Ft. Worth Cats Ron Mahay
Ahwatukee DiamondSox Kevin Sefcik
Upstate Yanks B.J. Ryan
Carolina Flounder Pedro Borbon
Boston Pinnipeds Juan Pena
Eclectic Synthesis Jason Grimsley
Key West Fighting Iguanas Glen Barker
Cincinnati Vipers Luis Polonia
Tempe Scorpions Chad Harville
Houma Drillers Todd Dunwoody
Brooklyn Beasts Adam Kennedy
Antioch Zephyrs Kevin Millar
Young Hegelians Olmedo Saenz
Fort Lauderdale Cubs Mark Portugal
Brooklyn Beasts (from Crows) Sean Lowe
Spokane Anarchists (from Mets) Mike Judd

Round 5

Team Player
Ore-Ida Taters Marlon Anderson
Spokane Anarchists A.J. Pierzynski
Houston Heatwave John Burkett
Tempe Scorpions (from Simians) Tomokazu Ohka
Houston Heatwave (from Tornadoes) Guillermo Mota
Seattle Maroons Scott Kamienicki
Jersey City Skeeters Kevin Orie
Mile HiSox Roosevelt Brown
Chicago Crows (from Cats) Craig Paquette
Ahwatukee DiamondSox Chris Peters
Upstate Yanks Sean DePaula
Carolina Flounder Tim Bogar
Tempe Scorpions (from Pinnipeds) Sal Fasano
Eclectic Synthesis Orber Moreno
Key West Fighting Iguanas Wiki Gonzalez
Cincinnati Vipers Aaron Myette
Tempe Scorpions Mike Darr
Houma Drillers Jason LaRue
Brooklyn Beasts Angel Echevarria
Antioch Zephyrs Hanley Frias
Young Hegelians Mike Munoz
Houston Heatwave (from Cubs) Dan Smith
Chicago Crows Kevin Barker
Carefree Simians (from Mets) Jesus Pena

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