1999 CIBL Free Agent Draft

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Round 1

Team Player
Mile HiSox (from Hegelians) Kerry Wood
Cincinnati Vipers (from Synthesis) Orlando Hernandez
Fort Lauderdale Cubs J.D. Drew
Carolina Flounder Rolando Arrojo
Upstate Yanks Omar Daal
Mile HiSox Carl Pavano
Key West Fighting Iguanas Chris Peters
Tempe Scorpions Scott Elarton
Young Hegelians (from Vipers and Synthesis) EricChavez
Seattle Maroons Bruce Chen
Houma Drillers Marvin Benard
Texas Tornados Travis Lee
Ahwatukee DiamondSox Adrian Beltre
Pound Inc. Troy Glaus
New York BBalls (from Pinnipeds) Michael Barrett
Cleveland Spiders Mike Caruso
Napa Valley Simians Sidney Ponson
Dallas Outlaws Eric Milton
New York BBalls Jesus Sanchez
Jersey City Skeeters Andy Fox
Spokane Anarchists Richie Sexson
Brooklyn Beasts Masato Yoshii
Antioch Zephyrs Amaury Telemaco
Fort Lauderdale Cubs (from Mets) Eli Marrero

Round 2

Team Player
Young Hegelians Mike Williams
Eclectic Synthesis Russ Ortiz
Fort Lauderdale Cubs Javier Vasquez
Carolina Flounder Mark Portugal
Upstate Yanks Shane Spencer
Mile HiSox Brant Brown
Key West Fighting Iguanas Matt Mantei
Tempe Scorpions Carlos Beltran
Cincinnati Vipers Bobby Howry
Seattle Maroons Steve Parris
Houma Drillers Alex Gonzalez (Fla.)
Texas Tornados Brian Meadows
Ahwatukee DiamondSox Roy Halladay
Pound Inc. Matt Anderson
Boston Pinnipeds Vic Darensbourg
Cleveland Spiders Jamey Wright
Napa Valley Simians Bobby Smith
Fort Lauderdale Cubs (from Outlaws) A.J. Hinch
New York BBalls Carlton Loewer
Jersey City Skeeters B.J. Surhoff
Spokane Anarchists Randy Winn
Brooklyn Beasts Geoff Jenkins
Fort Lauderdale Cubs (from Zephyrs) Russ Branyan
Cleveland Spiders (from Mets) Paul Bako

Round 3

Team Player
Mile HiSox (from Hegelians) John Rocker
Eclectic Synthesis Gregg Olson
Fort Lauderdale Cubs Seth Greisinger
Carolina Flounder Chris Gomez
Upstate Yanks Steve Sparks
Ahwatukee DiamondSox (from HiSox) C.J. Nitkowski
Key West Fighting Iguanas Brad Woodall
Tempe Scorpions Scott Service
Cincinnati Vipers Mitch Meluskey
Seattle Maroons Ryan Christenson
Seattle Maroons (from Drillers) Jim Parque
Mile HiSox (from Tornados) Ben Davis
Ahwatukee DiamondSox Jeremy Giambi
Antioch Zephyrs (from Inc.) Mike Redmond
New York BBalls (from Pinnipeds) Odalis Perez
Boston Pinnipeds (from Spiders) Trot Nixon
Napa Valley Simians Jarrod Washburn
Dallas Outlaws Brian Rose
New York BBalls Bob Henley
Jersey City Skeeters Sal Fasano
Spokane Anarchists Fernando Seguignol
Brooklyn Beasts Bobby Hughes
Antioch Zephyrs Trenidad Hubbard
Cleveland Spiders (from Mets) Aaron Boone

Round 4

Team Player
Young Hegelians Dave Berg
Eclectic Synthesis Angel Pena
Fort Lauderdale Cubs George Lombard
Carolina Flounder Keith Foulke
Upstate Yanks Gil Heredia
Texas Tornados (from HiSox) Steve Kline
Key West Fighting Iguanas Carlos Reyes
Tempe Scorpions Matt Clement
Cincinnati Vipers Marlon Anderson
Seattle Maroons Gabe Kapler
Houma Drillers Ricky Bones
Texas Tornados Calvin Pickering
Ahwatukee DiamondSox Robert Fick
Antioch Zephyrs (from Inc.) Jason McDonald
Boston Pinnipeds Wayne Gomes
Cleveland Spiders Alan Mills
Napa Valley Simians Ronnie Belliard
Dallas Outlaws Yorkis Perez
New York BBalls Armando Rios
Jersey City Skeeters Dave Martinez
Spokane Anarchists Carlos Guillen
Brooklyn Beasts Tim Crabtree
New York BBalls (from Zephyrs) Glendon Rusch
Upstate Yanks (from Mets) Homer Bush

Round 5

Team Player
Young Hegelians Jeff Tabaka
Eclectic Synthesis Jin Ho Cho
Tempe Scorpions (from Cubs and Vipers) Ricky Ledee
Carolina Flounder Tony Eusebio
Upstate Yanks Rudy Seanez
Mile HiSox Mike Maddux
Key West Fighting Iguanas Mike Thurman
Tempe Scorpions John Snyder
Cincinnati Vipers Carlos Castillo
Seattle Maroons Mike Myers
Houma Drillers Felipe Crespo
Texas Tornados Alex Ramirez
Ahwatukee DiamondSox Justin Baughman
Pound Inc. Aramis Ramirez
Boston Pinnipeds Craig Wilson
Cleveland Spiders Ryan Jackson
Napa Valley Simians David Weathers
Dallas Outlaws Benji Sampson
New York BBalls George Arias
Jersey City Skeeters Eduardo Perez
Spokane Anarchists Valerio De Los Santos
Brooklyn Beasts Rick White
Antioch Zephyrs Jeff Reboulet
Upstate Yanks (from Mets) Stan Spencer

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