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December 2003
Volume 8, Number 12

Al GreenAl Green teamed up again with Memphis producer Willie Mitchell to re-create the famous Hi Records sound from his '70s recordings, and the result is the magical album I Can't Stop. It's this month's Pick Hit.

Texas guitarist Jeffrey P. Ross took his friends and his incredible talents into the studio, and the result is the  surprisingly wonderful album My Pleasure, our Surprise pick.

To go along with the aforementioned Al Green feature, we stay in a classic soul bag for this month's Flashback feature, highlighting Otis Clay's '60s era One-Der-Ful! recordings.

This month's What's New section features reviews of new CDs from Ellis Hooks, Skeeter Brandon, Rick Lawson, Toni Green, J Street Jumpers, J.T. Ross, Tarbox Ramblers, Al Copley, David Evans, and more, plus some fine anthologies and a couple of Christmas albums. Also featured is an extensive review of the two DVDs that make up the re-issue of vintage footage from the 1960s era American Folk Blues Festival.


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