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April 2007

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John Németh
Magic Touch
Blind Pig Records

John Nemeth

I first met John Németh at the Pinedale Blues Festival in Wyoming roughly three years ago. John and his band were backing sets performed by Junior Watson as well as James Harman, and I remember thinking that here was a young harp player and band that were very good.

Now, in 2007, the blues gods have blessed John with a multi-disc contract with Blind Pig records, and he’s seen fit to deliver a new album, Magic Touch, that is worthy of a Blues Music Award nomination for best new artist debut. Produced by Anson Funderburgh and featuring brilliant guitar work by Junior Watson and a supporting cast that includes the Texas Horns, Magic Touch is an impressive record.

John opens with a re-worked version of the Junior Wells song, "Blues Hit Big Town," to let us know he’s heading back home to Tennessee. Right off, John’s impressive harp stylings lets us know that he means business with this record. Expressive, passionate, John tells us that he’s going back to Matilda on one knee, hoping that she will take him back. Junior chimes in with some of the most aggressive guitar playing I’ve ever heard from him, and the disc is off and running.

Next up is an original tune, "Blue Broadway." Seems John’s woman has left him and he’s feeling sad. “She went away…yes to live a better life…not enough time to say…baby won’t you be my wife?” John’s heading down Blue Broadway to ask the love of his life to marry him. To his surprise, she’s not alone when he gets down on one knee to propose and she sends him on his way. All ends well, as John meets a new love and finally has a woman he can call his own.

Junior’s expressive intro leads into another Németh original, the title cut, "Magic Touch." “You got me hot now mama for your magic touch!” Watson’s guitar work scintillates with the passion that John feels for his woman with the magic touch and you know this is a very passionate woman. "My Future" finds John lamenting that the current love in his life is not worthy of his attentions….”Just like my mother would always say….my life and my future have wasted away…all because of you babe…all because of you!”

“When you call my name now…call me Mr. Clean…I’m going to give you loving….like you’ve never seen!” "She’s Looking Good" finds John enamored with the object of his affections. “Got me walking straight babe…got me talking straight…little girl you look so fine.” They told John she would be looking good and she proved to be everything they said.

A strong harp intro leads into the next song, "She Did Not Show." “I said meet me baby…down at the chapel….she did not show…I found a woman….thought she was the one….told me mama and everyone…I said meet me…down at the chapel…she did not show!” John proceeds to woo two other women with lesser intentions and the result is the same, they did not show.

"You’re An Angel" finds John continue to suffer. His new woman is wonderful and he just can’t do anything right in his attempts to win her over. “You’re an angel…can’t do nothing wrong…sent from heaven…down to earth to wreck my life….you’re doing a good job baby!” Junior Watson continues to provide stellar guitar work with his soulful solo while John reaches a logical conclusion. “I’m going to send you back to your maker pretty baby…cause I’m damned if I don’t and I’m damned if I do!”

The keyboards of John Calhoun Street provide the backdrop for the Willie Dixon classic, "Sit & Cry the Blues." “No one to depend on…since my loved one has been gone…don’t know what to do…I sit and cry the blues.” John’s heartbroken with his woman leaving him and there’s nothing left to do but sit & cry the blues.

We find John strong in his convictions on "You Were Wrong." “You were wrong…pretty baby…you were wrong…wrong to stay away so long. "Let Me Hold You" slows things way down and finds John madly in love. “Just to know your love is true…and you long to hold me too…yes, holding you is so fine…let me hold you all the time!” This is one love that will conquer all obstacles to make it work. Anson provides the guitar work for "Let Me Hold You," and its good to hear the passion emanating from the strings of his guitar.

"Up to No Good is another ballad featuring John’s harp lamenting the behavior of his current flame. “Tell me pretty baby…what you’re trying to prove…the way you’re acting lately ain’t the way you should…you’ve been up to no good!” This is one love gone bad and its time for her to go.

Magic Touch closes with the tune "Come On," featuring the Texas Horns. “Won’t be long before me & you…will be rocking like two cats do…come on and rock with me!” John’s harp duels with the trumpet of Al Gomez as he works to persuade the object of his desire to…”come on and rock with me.”

Magic Touch is a brilliant debut for John Németh on Blind Pig Records. I truly believe it’s a record that will garner him a BMA nomination, and kudos to Anson for a wonderful job in producing this record. We’ll be hearing the name, John Németh, for a long time to come.

--- Kyle Deibler


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