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June 2012

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Tail Dragger & Bob Corritore
Longtime Friends in the Blues
Delta Groove Music

Tail Dragger

Blues purists will love Delta Groove’s pairing of Chicago shouter Tail Dragger and harp master Bob Corritore on Longtime Friends in the Blues. This disc of Tail Dragger originals features tight arrangements and a stellar backing band of Henry Gray, Kirk Fletcher, Chris James, Patrick Rynn and Brian Fahey. So let’s give it a listen.

Tail Dragger starts out letting us know that he’s concerned about his woman in “I’m Worried.” “I’m worried…babe, I’m worried about you…feel so bad…cause I don’t know what to do!” We really don’t know what Tail Dragger’s worried about but something wrong with his woman is definitely on his mind.

Bob’s harp tones provide the intro for our next cut, “Sugar Mama.” Tail Dragger is flirting up a storm, “please tell me sugar mama…where do you get that sugar from?” Henry Gray lends a supporting vocal in the hunt to determine where Sugar Mama gets her sugar from and the conclusion is from her mama, a sugar plum! Tail Dragger is an inquisitive sort and he’s asking a woman the wrong question in “Birthday Blues.” “I know you ain’t going to tell me…girl, how old are you? I hope you live on…and have so many more…happy birthday…happy birthday to you!”

Rocks is my pillow…cold ground is my bed…highway is my home and I might as well be dead…I’m worried!” “She’s Worryin’ Me” finds Tail Dragger in tough straits as the woman in his life isn’t taking care of him and he’s not sure why. It sounds like a situation that isn’t about to change so hopefully Tail Dragger will move on to greener pastures. “Cold Outdoors” finds Tail Dragger contemplating the changes in the weather and his domestic situation. “Cold outdoors….I believe it’s going to snow…and if you let me come back home….honey, I won’t do wrong no more.” Tail Dragger has been a bad man and is hoping that she has a change of heart and gives him another chance. I’m not sure that confessing all of his sins is a good idea but Tail Dragger lets her know, “if you let me come back you, I’ll gonna be true to you!”

“So Ezee” opens up with a verbal admonishment from Tail Dragger, “you know, this is a message to the Wolf, the old folks and the young ones too. Wake up, quit cracking jokes and use your head….cause it’s so ezee to be misled!” Tail Dragger has the acquired wisdom of his age behind him and its good advice, “everybody got to use their head!” Hopefully the acquired wisdom will serve him well in our next cut, “Through With You”. Tail Dragger’s in a situation where his woman is cheating on him and he’s letting her know, “what are you trying to do…you know you can’t love me…and have another man too…I want you for my wife…baby, you got to change your life!” I’m not sure that I would have Tail Dragger’s patience with this woman but more power to him for trying.

More harmonica fills my ears as Tail Dragger is trying to let a woman down easy in “Done Got Old.” “Done got old…baby, I’ve got to let you go…you done me wrong…I can’t stand it no more!” Piano fills from Henry Gray accentuates Tail Dragger’s determination to move on and let this woman go. Henry’s twinkling keys lead us into our next cut, “Boogie Woogie Ball.” The band’s in good form and enjoying the boogie woogie beat as Henry and Tail Dragger verbally reminisce about a big legged woman from the night before.

Long Time Friends in the Blues closes with a slow ballad, “Please Mr. Jailer,” as Tail Dragger pleads the cause of his woman in jail. “I know she didn’t commit no crime…cause she was laying at home in the bed with me!” Whether or not he’s telling the truth, Tail Dragger is lost without this woman and wants nothing more to bring her back home to him.

Tail Dragger and Bob Corritore have delivered a classic set of old school blues with an armada of great players behind them. They’re out on the road a lot this summer and there aren’t many singers like Tail Dragger on the blues highway anymore, so catch them if you can. And you can find more information about this unique disc and the players as well at

--- Kyle Deibler


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