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February 1997

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Snooky Pryor
Mind Your Own Business
Antone's/Discovery Records

Snooky Pryor pictureSnooky Pryor’s new album, Mind Your Own Business, is our surprise hit this month. You may wonder why I was surprised with it. It's not because no one’s ever heard of the guy, plus everything the guy's ever recorded has been great. Rather, the surprise is that at the age of 75, and considering that he keeps saying he’s going to retire, Mr. Pryor sounds stronger and more vibrant than ever.

Snooky will forever have his place in blues history for being one of the first harmonica players to amplify his harp. He learned that technique in the Army during World War II when he frequently played his bugle, and later his harmonica, over the camp’s public address system.

On Mind Your Own Business, Pryor is accompanied by a solid group led by guitarist/producer Derek O’Brien. Other notables include ex-Blasters pianist Gene Taylor and former Houserocker drummer Ted Harvey. The album kicks off with the title cut, and Pryor immediately lets you know that he’s still as strong a harp player as when he first recorded 50 years ago. The power in the voice also hasn’t diminished with the years, as you’ll hear on "Come On Down To My House." Seriously, this disk has more power and energy than most blues disks on the market today.

Every blues harmonica player should make a recording of "Shake Your Boogie" and listen to it daily. The blues just doesn’t get any better than this!

I just can’t say enough good things about this album. Coupled with Lavelle White’s new one reviewed in the Pick Hits category, Antone’s has just released what will undoubtedly be two of the best blues CDs of the year. Buy both disks and keep them near your stereo.

- Bill Mitchell

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